Encostas de Estremoz


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Encostas de Estremoz
Encostas de Estremoz
Encostas de Estremoz wines are produced at the Quinta da Esperança vineyards in Estremoz Portugal where new viticultural techniques are used in conjunction with traditional vineyard practices. Our intention is to combine innovative grape-growing technology on one hand, while retaining a strong sense of our national identity on the other. We are proud of our unique Portuguese grape varieties and the contribution they can make to the international world of wine. D.Joana?s wines were first presented in 2001, with the launch of ?Encostas de Estremoz?. Red from Touriga Nacional, White from Roupeiro, Fernão Pires and Perrum. In 2002 another red wine was launched ?Terras de Estremoz?. This wine is Aragonez, Cabernet Sauvignon and Trincadeira. During 2004 the range of D.Joana?s were increased to highlight the variety and potential of the local grape varieties. Encostas de Estremoz features not only Touriga Nacional grape, but Touriga Franca, Alicante Bouschet, Tinta Barroca and Trincadeira. In 2006 we releasing our top red wine called DJ Encostas de Estremoz Reserva, and our new wine DJ Encostas de Estremoz Quinta da Esperança.
Encostas de Estremoz
Adress Contact
Street:Quinta da Esperança Telephone:(+351) 268 333
PostCode:7100 - 145 Fax:(+351) 268 333
City: Estremoz Website:http://www.encostasdeestremoz.com/


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