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Delta Q
Delta Q
In 2007, it launched the Delta Q, a concept created for the purpose of providing quality products at the lowest possible environmental impact, boosting the national economy. That same year, born to rethink the project, focused on recycling and reuse of waste resulting from the consumption of coffee. First, the evaluation was made of the logistics system, then held research studies to assess the potential of coffee grounds, is carried to the development of capsulinho and, finally, were identified components of machines that can Delta Q be replaced with materials resulting from the recycling process of the capsules. The first collections were made capsules used in the commercial departments of Delta Delta Cafés and shops Q. Once consumed, the coffee is deposited in capsulinho. Later, proceed to the separation of the coffee grounds and plastic capsules. In 2010, Delta Q collected about 470,000 coffee capsules, which resulted in 12 tons of recycled coffee grounds. The Delta Q was responsible for creating the first coffee in capsules developed by the Portuguese, the Delta Q Qosmo. Also recently launched a new coffee capsule Power Coffee already produced in Portugal. The Power Coffee is another example of the constant bet on innovation. Result of a combination of natural extracts of ginseng and Guarana, presents a unique formulation which helps to increase the concentration and strength. Delta Q is a reference mark on the national market for coffee in capsules. Smell the coffee genuinely Portuguese.
Delta Q
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