Curtumes Boaventura


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Curtumes Boaventura
Curtumes Boaventura
It's been several decades since Curtumes Boaventura mastered the extraordinary process of leather making. If many of its uses remain to this day, many others have been evolving at amazing speeds in the search of solutions for the most diverse fields. Curtumes Boaventura applies itself daily on this evolution, with constant investment in bettering the tanning and finishing processes. This conduct allows the company to occupy the front line in a demanding industry like this one, and offer a diversity of products that defies imagination.
Curtumes Boaventura
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Street:Estrada do Alviela, Nº 835 - São Pedro - Apartado 27 Telephone:(+351) 24988734
PostCode:2384-909 Fax:(+351) 24988738
City:Alcanena Website:


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