Couro Azul, S.A.


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Couro Azul, S.A.
Couro Azul, S.A.
Founded in 1989, Couro Azul S.A., is Portugal´s most modern tanning plant. In keeping with the Carvalhos Groups diversification strategy, Couro Azul essentially deals in products for the Automotive and Aeronautic Industries. Having inherited the know-how of the Carvalhos Groups previous industrial plant Curtumes do Lys Couro Azul was designed specifically for the purpose of tanning whole cowhides. As the most recent industrial facility of the Carvalhos Group, Couro Azul was subject to careful planning. Covering a total of 17,000 m2, the layout includes a raw-material reception, control and storage area, a battery of limming and tanning drums, a finishing area, a complete cutting department covering 3,000 m2 and a research and quality control laboratory. The plant includes automated machinery and state-of-the-art technology, making Couro Azul one of the few European companies able to produce ecological leather (chrome-free) for the auto industry. Couro Azul has a staff of about 180. In addition to the office staff and about 30 people assigned to the Carvalho Group?s sales area, a number of middle and senior staff employed in the technical area (chemicals and tanning technology) has received special training at the Nene College of Northampton and at the West Deutsche Geber Schüle of Reutlingen. The whole team attends periodic training courses every year.
Couro Azul, S.A.
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