Armazéns Reis


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Armazéns Reis
Armazéns Reis
It is with particular pleasure that we received, for the second consecutive year, the SME Excellence status, a IAPMEI initiative (Institute for Support to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and to Investment) in partnership with the banking sector, which aims at distinguishing, from the PME Líder universe, the number of small and medium enterprises that demonstrate the best performance and risk profiles, in the domestic context of business structure. For us, this is a distinction of which we are very proud of and we want to share it with our team, our customers and suppliers, and all those who in our day-to-day work with us, from banks, insurance companies, social media, among others, without whom it would have been impossible to achieve the level of excellence we always aim to offer. Our thanks to all! Brands ALLBUILD ALLWOOD WBSECURITY WCWARE Products 3816 - Cement, mortar, concrete and similar compounds, refractory materials (excluding heading 3801) 381600 - Cement, mortar, concrete and similar compounds, refractory materials (excluding heading 3801) 3917 - Pipes and their accessories, made of plastic 391740 - Accessories for the pipes included in the sub-headings of 3917 6802 - Stone masonry / construction, cubes and similar articles, etc. 6905 - tiles, chimney pots and other clay building products 690510 - ceramic tiles 7318 - Screws, bolts / pins, nuts, etc., made of cast iron. iron or steel 8459 - Machine tools for drilling, boring etc, metals for removing material 8536 - Electrical apparatus for switching, protection etc., for a voltage <= 1000 volts 853690 - Other devices of heading 8536, not included in the sub-headings of 8536 8543 - Machine tools with individual function, not included in this chapters' headings 854370 - Other machines and apparatus with individual functions not included in headings 854310/20/30 Markets Germany Andorra Angola Belgium Brazil Cape Verde Spain France Guinea-Bissau Netherlands Luxembourg United Kingdom São Tomé and Príncipe Switzerland
Armazéns Reis
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