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In 1993, the Autonomous Region of Madeira concessioned to ANAM - Aeroportos e Navegação Aérea da Madeira, S. A., the construction, management and operation of the Madeira and Porto Santo Airports. The primary objectives of the concession contract are the promotion and execution of works to extend the Funchal Airport at that time, the development of the airport infrastructures of RAM and the planning, management and operation of the public service of providing support to civil aviation in the Autonomous Region of Madeira. ANAM S.A. is a company of exclusively public capital, of which ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal owns 70%, the Autonomous Region of Madeira owns 20% and the Portuguese State owns 10%. The current concession contract between ANAM, S.A. and the Autonomous Region of Madeira terminates in 2033.
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Street:Madeira's Airport Telephone:291 520 700
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