Amorim Cork Composites


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Amorim Cork Composites
Amorim Cork Composites
CORTICEIRA AMORIM is the biggest world producer of cork products and one of the most international of all Portuguese companies, with operations in dozens of countries and all continents. For more than a century it has been at the heart of this activity and has made a decisive contribution to the spread of cork throughout the world. At the present time, cork applications include not only traditional high value-added products such as the cork stopper, but also products that incorporate advanced manufacturing technology and high R&D standards. Consequently, CORTICEIRA AMORIM makes available a vast portfolio of high quality products, for incorporation into such diversified and demanding industries as the aeronautical, construction and wine-producing industries.
Amorim Cork Composites
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Street:Rua de Meladas, 260 P.O. Box 1 Telephone:22 747 5300
PostCode:4536-902 Fax:
City:Mozelos VFR Website:


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