Águas do Algarve


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Águas do Algarve
Águas do Algarve
Águas do Algarve SA was a result of the merging of two Companies, Águas do Barlavento Algarvio SA and Águas do Sotavento Algarvio SA. Águas do Algarve, S.A. is created in August 2000 as a result of a merger between these two Companies and is concessionaire for a period of 30 years of the Algarve Multi-municipal Water Supply and Sanitation Systems, which covers all 16 counties in the region and supplies 450 thousand inhabitants during the low season and around a million and a half during the high season. This includes water treatment and distribution and treatment of household wastewater. The company?s main aim is to supply enough quality drinking water all year round and to equip our Region with a safe system in terms of public health, improving levels of assistance and promoting environmental quality, more specifically the quality of the water of the Algarve?s beaches and rivers, which is an essential factor for the well-being of the population and for developing the Region?s economy and tourism. Later on, as Águas do Algarve, S.A., the municipalities of Aljezur and Monchique joined the Multi-municipal Water Collection, Treatment and Supply System for the Barlavento Algarvio and the municipality of Alcoutim joined the Sotavento Algarvio System. The commissioning of the Sotavento and Barlavento Algarvio Multi-municipal Supply Systems at the end of 1999, respectively, led to a significant improvement in the quality of the water, which started to be supplied on a regular basis all year round. With the creation of the Algarve Multi-municipal Sanitation System, according to Decree-Law no. 167/2000, the Company was granted its operation and management, as per Decree-Law no 172/B.2001, of the 26th May, and a 30-year Concession Contract was signed between the Portuguese Government and the Company on the 26th May 2001. On the 8th November, upon publication of Decree-Law no. 285/2003, the Algarve Multi-municipal Water Supply System was created as a result of the consolidation of the Barlavento and Sotavento Systems. On the 7th February, the Concession Contract for the Algarve Multi-municipal Water Supply System was signed between the Portuguese Government and Águas do Algarve, S.A., as a result of the consolidation of the two Barlavento and Sotavento Algarvio Systems.
Águas do Algarve
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Street:Rua do Repouso, nº 10 Telephone:289899070
PostCode:8000-302 Fax:289899079
City:Faro Website:www.aguasdoalgarve.pt


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