Adicional Logistics


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Adicional Logistics
Adicional Logistics
Additional Logistics is a logistics company, transportation and distribution industry that specializes in home orders. With 16 years of activity performed with supplies business to consumer (B2C), stands as a benchmark in the industry and provides quality services to the largest Portuguese companies of distance selling. Purchases made by telemarketers, catalog or online are delivered to the customer's home late. His offering is complemented by logistics services for events and marketing activities. The aim of the company for each client is to build a solution fully adapted to your needs, so it supports information systems robust and flexible to allow you to implement each of the different solutions. The focus of the Logistics Additional passes for their employees and also for their learning and culture of this exciting challenge to reach all households, bringing the message of its customers. The customization it offers, allows a total dedication to their customers' business objectives, complementing them the best through physical delivery of products and services.
Adicional Logistics
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Street:Parque Industrial Solvay, Marinhas de D. Ana, Armazém 6 Telephone:211572700
PostCode:2625-090 Fax:
City:Póvoa de Santa Iria


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