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ActOne specializes in applied research in the medical-pharmaceutical and develops studies and opinion polls among health professionals. To achieve our ultimate goal, the creation of added value to the business of our clients, we seek the best practices in everything we do. The Market Research has been a priority for the Act One, with regard to innovation and investment in new market research methodologies. The traditional methods used in market researchhave become too bureaucratic and slow. In this way, so that ourcustomers have access to an innovative tool that allows them todirectly reach its main target, we have created the Ask It, a software specifically directed to that market research can flourish online. Beyond the area of Market Research, we also count on products in the area of Business Intelligence, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and CLM (Closed Loop Marketing), in order tofacilitate the sharing of information. The ActOne moves daily by the challenges they face, providing the best service with quality, accuracy and speed. We offer our customers a portfolio of solutions in the area of information that satisfies their needs 100%.
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Street:Edifício Ramazzotti, Av. do Forte, 6-6A Telephone:214241460
PostCode:2790-072 Fax:214241461


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