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The Association of Merchants and Industrialists of Wines and Spirits - ACIBEV was established in January 1975 to study and protect the interests relating to Industrial and Traders of Spirit Drinks and their derivatives. National Association of context, consists of 8 sections: Importers / Distributors; Legislation / Enology; Bulk / Bottled; Producers Bottlers; Vinegars; Alcohol and Health (Social Aspects of Alcohol) and Spirits Exporters, each the responsibility of a Director, and represents about 80% of the turnover sector (manufacturing, distribution and sale of wines and spirits and vinegar and distillation of wine products), lying between its Members most large national and multinational companies operating in Portugal. Our Association represents its Members on the Advisory Board and Steering Committee of the Institute of Vine and Wine Management Committee on Packaging and Packaging Waste, the Standing Committee of the International Vinegar, the European Confederation of Spirits Producers in Committee Vins organization in Brussels that represents the interests of all European Associations linked to the Wine Trade, in addition to having a seat in various organizations in the framework of socio-professional and still represent the trade in several General Councils of various CVR's. Besides the generic representation of the interests of its Members and of the specific monitoring the resolution of certain problems may require those, the Association has available to its Associates a counseling service for labor issues and service monitoring procedures for refund. We also conducted training and seminars on topics that pose major problems to Members. On the website of A.C.I.B.E.V. Associates can not only advertise their products as may consult our database and circulars by using a keyword. To request an account for access to all areas of the website, please contact the Association. The facilities of the Association are available to Associates who want them organize meetings. Its location in the center of Lisbon is especially convenient for Associates, headquartered in other cities, moving here and want to receive clients or handle business.
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Street:Largo do Carmo, 15-1º Telephone:00351 213 462 3
PostCode:1200-092 Fax:00351 213 427 5
City:Lisboa Website:


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