Port and Douro highlighted in Hungary

 Port and Douro highlighted in Hungary In continuation of the series of articles devoted to the Port and Douro, the author of the blog The Hungarian Borrajongó (The wine fan) presents two posts on the technology and winemaking (Part V and Part VI) and tells in detail about their visit to the company Wine & Soul, Inc., in Vale do Pinhão.
In Wine & Soul, run by winemakers Sandra Tavares da Silva and Jorge Borges Serôdio, the wine blogger tasted and evaluated the following wines:
Touriga Nacional 2012
Pintas Character 2012
Quinta da Manoella 2012
Pintas 2012
Pintas 2011
Quinta da Manoella 2011
Guru 2012
Manoella 2010
Quinta da Manoella Vinhas Velhas 2010
Pintas 2010
Pintas Vintage Port 2011
Pintas Vintage Port 2009
10 Years Old Tawny
5G Five Generations Serôdio Borges Family

The last one, considered genius by the author, was the oldest wine ever tasted by Borrajongó.
2013-07-11 14:57:16
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