Patrão Neves promotes Azorean Products in Belgium

Patrão Neves promotes Azorean Products in Belgium The Member of the European Parliament Patrão Neves met this morning in Ponta Delgada at the School for Tourism and Hospitality, with school officials, the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry and some regional producers, in order to create synergies in view of the Azorean products show, in Brussels, which I have been preparing for some time according to a new model that represents an evolution in the way I see the dissemination of regional products abroad."
In fact, after the conducting of various product exhibitions in Brussels, which took place by the initiative of Patrão Neves ever since the beginning of the first year of her term, the next is of particular importance, given the goals she wants to achieve.

According to the MEP, "I always thought that we have a responsibility in disseminating the products of our land when we are abroad, acting as his ambassadors, and contributing as much as possible to promote it. This is what I have always done with the various shows I've ever done with products from all sectors and of all the islands, because I realized that there is still a huge lack of knowledge about the diversity and quality of products produced here. "

Asked about in what extent the next show would be different, Patrão Neves said that "Whereas traditional shows intend to disseminate the products and create the desire to consume, this time the show will be directed for traders on the Belgian market, i.e., those responsible for the chains of retail, wholesale, gourmet shops and restaurants. It will be a unique opportunity for regional producers establish business contacts and conduct some business, creating new distribution channels , entering new markets and thus develop, stimulating the economy and creating jobs in the region". Neves continued, stating that "I wanted to create an event that shows innovative, attractive and proactive ways to promote our products, allowing us to meet anyone who markets them. For example, the receptivity of the School for Tourism and Hospitality was excellent for this project. We will have a cooking show of only Azorean products with innovative recipes and certainly the Chamber of Commerce and Industry will also contribute to the project with everyting at their reach. "

In conclusion, Patrão Neves announced that "this show will take place on the first week of October, and has a partnership with AICEP in Brussels. Also participating in the organization are Madalena & Sara Motta, from Gorreana Tea and Jéssica & Carolina Ferreira from "Licores da Mulher do Capote", some of the producers who started this project, in addition to other producers of several islands. I recall that Brussels is the center of Europe. In it, small communities of all European countries and beyond are present, so it would be important to gain a place in this market that, in turn, could serve as a platform for other even more ambicious markets.
2013-08-20 14:42:03
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