New York Home Fashion Marker Week

New York Home Fashion Marker Week 13 Portuguese companies are present at the first edition of the New York Home Fashion Marker Week.
For the second year in a row, the Association Home from Portugal, in collaboration with AICEP and in the context of the implementation of the joint project supported under the NSRF, promotes Portuguese industry of home textiles in the U.S. market.
From the 18 to 21 of March, in the first edition of 2013's New York Home Fashion Marker Week , thirteen portuguese companies are present to exhibit their products in the show rooms in several hotels, as it can be seen by accessing the Home Textiles Today page (which was made jointly to promote this participation) and the Textiles Selection.
Among the set of exhibitors are some companies for whom the American market is already one of its most important, representing a significant market share. Others, taking advantage of the support provided through the association and betting on the quality of their products, have now decided to start a work of introduction in a market of excellence.
2013-03-21 14:07:50
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