6th edition of SVN -Travel Business Salon

6th edition of SVN -Travel Business Salon The prospects of the development of the travel business in 2013, the role of incentives in the growth of the companies businesses, the internationalization of the Portuguese economy, the best way to purchase business travels and Emirates - a world of new opportunities, are the agenda items of the interventions at the 6th edition of the SVN - Business Travel Salon, rescheduled for April 3 at the Myriad Crystal Center in Lisbon.
Besides attending these seminars and presentations, SVN's visitors will also have the opportunity to contact about three dozen exhibitors, including airlines, hotels, rent-a-car and cruise companies, among others, that aim to show their specific solutions for the segment of business travel.
The delivery of the BTA's - Business Travel Awards, is also included in SVN's program, rewarding the best Travel Manager, the best company in travel management, the best Travel Organizer and awarding the company that organized the best event in 2012, in terms of quality and creativity.
Starting at 14.30, the official opening is scheduled for 15:00, chaired by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Adolfo Mesquita Nunes, and ending with a dinatoire cocktail, which will start at 20.00.
The SVN is intended to travel, purchasing, financial or human resources managers, administration assistants and secretaries, managers of corporate events, incentive trips and the like, as well as business travelers in general, and is access free, although prior registration is required at the official site:
http://www.salaosvn.com .

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2013-04-12 17:24:47
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