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ActiFog is a safety device that, by sensing the entry of an intruder within the protected area, releasing the high speed pressure and a dense mist. The space is completely filled in a few seconds and visibility is totally eliminated. It is a product that works quickly and efficiently, whose main objective is to destabilize the theft. Prosegur is immediately alerted to the intrusion and fire system. Then the service paddock and the victim of the assault are warned. Later, proceed to the management of the situation with the authorities. 15 to 20 seconds, the device removes completely the profile, the view to preventing more than 5/10 inch. The fog is maintained for 30 to 40 minutes at its maximum density. The mist generated by the nebulizer is not toxic to be based on a liquid composed of water and glycol. After loss, will leave no trace or residue. This service includes the maintenance of equipment.
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