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Olho Vivo Group
Olho Vivo Group
In business for over 14 years, the Olho Vivo Group offers integrated security systems. Holds a considerable share of the market, its performance is based on a quick response, providing a personalized service and quality products at competitive prices. Olho Vivo Group presents innovative products which meet high quality standards and has a special relationship with customers and partners who fully recognize their values. The sustained growth of the Olho Vivo Group has been accompanied by a strong investment in training their human resources. In addition, the company has focused on a strategy of internationalization, developing a flood warning system in Mozambique. Also discloses the growing need for use of new security technologies and their benefits. The company continues to develop services that guarantee are liable position in the market. Today, all our Precision, Innovation, Integrity, Honesty and Professionalism, leads us to win with the current customers all the prestige that a company could want.
Olho Vivo Group
Adress Contact
Street:Rua do Salgueiral, 86, 1º Esq. Frt. /Dto. Telephone:225072160
PostCode:4200-476 Fax:225072169
City:Porto Website:www.olhovivo.pt


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