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Lauak Portugal
Lauak Portugal
The Portuguese Lauak's main activity is the manufacture and assembly of aircraft structures and the like. In the field of external knowledge Lauak the Portuguese is certified / recognized by the following organizations / agencies: - AERNOVA AEROSPACE (Spain); - AIRBUS (France); - DAHER SOCATA (France); - EMBRAER (Brazil); - ESKULANAK (France); - LATECOERE (France); - OGMA (Portugal); - Ratier FIGEAC (France); - SIKORSKY (USA). The experience of Lauak Portuguesa is located predominantly in the manufacture and assembly of aircraft structures, with particular emphasis on the manufacture of sheet metal parts (aluminum).
Lauak Portugal
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Street:Estrada Vale da Rosa, BlueBiz Global Parques, Parque Empresarial da Península de Setúbal Telephone:265 739 470
PostCode:2910-845 Fax:
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