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The aviation industry has undergone profound changes, both in terms of using technological means such as management policies that apply. Given the high standard requirement that characterizes aeronautical activity, it is imperative to invest in policies and training facilities with a high quality, contributing to the continuous improvement of skills of people in the aviation industry. The LAS - Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO-LAS) company providing maintenance services in the aerospace business, defined as relevant strategy for its development and implementation in the sector, the creation of a Maintenance Training Organisation, the LASFORMAÇÃO -MTO. Area of ??Intervention The LASFORMAÇÃO-MTO is a company with Part 147 certification, training courses are recognized by the Portuguese Regulatory Authority, INAC I. P. (National Institute of Civil Aviation) and the European Agency for Aviation (EASA), which implies that certificates of training or examination issued are valid in Portugal and in any other EU country. The scope of activity of LASFORMAÇÃO-MTO is to develop and deliver training according to the training needs of technicians who serve in LAS-LOVE, and for other Aircraft Maintenance Organizations that need our services training. Facilities The headquarters of the facilities of the training center is located in Prior Velho where rooms are available for the development of training theoretical and laboratory, meeting these properly equipped with the necessary equipment for the proper functioning of their training . Upon request we provide training in facilities nationally and internationally. The methods and materials used, aim to ensure that the learning of students is conducted in the most satisfactory and effective as possible.
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