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Why IPBrick is the communications platform for enterprises that you were looking for? I - Because IPBrick Linux is really the easiest and alternative solution in the market II - IPBrick is the only technology that enables technicians to deploy at once: mail & groupware, security perimetral solutions and unified communications. III - No other communications platform can be installed faster than IPBrick. IV - IPBrick is the simplest to configure and manage, following a functional business logic metaphor. V - IPBrick is the only communications platform including natively the fast disaster recovery approach. VI - IPBrick is the technology that allows technicians to easily improve business continuity of their systems. VII - IPBrick is the easiest technology to build distributed systems with focus on redundancy or high availability solutions. VIII - IPBrick can either be used in vendor defined hardware, standard market hardware (INTEL, HP, DELL, IBM, SUN Microsystems, ASUS, Fujitsu Siemens, etc) or virtual machines for cloud computing . IX - IPBrick is the communications platform that provides an high integration level, better than any other solution in the market. X - IPBrick is the best technology based on top of 4 base Linux operating systems: Debian, Ubuntu, Unbreakable Linux and Mandriva.
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City:Porto Website:http://www.ipbrick.com/


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