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The Hydro Way has powered our company?s success from the day we began in 1905. Today, it lives on in the way we work and the decisions we make. It is our ?reason for being? beyond just making money. It is our way of running a successful business. In the end, it?s what brings us closer ? closer to the world we operate in and closer to each other. The Hydro Way is based on a set of principles: our mission, talents and values. They help us set our priorities and serve as a reference point when questions arise.Our mission describes our higher purpose and is supported by our talents and values. Our talents define what we are good at and provide a framework for development. Our values are beliefs that shape our performance. They are the behaviors expected of us and are important for strengthening our talents and achieving our mission. Every company aims to be profitable. But to really make a difference, it must have a higher purpose. Our mission expresses our purpose. It sets the standard that we, as a company and as individuals, aspire to live up to every day. While it carries some big ideas, our mission has down-to-earth implications for each of us. By using it to inform the decisions we make every day, our work and products can better contribute to making our world sustainable and successful. The following pages describe some of the ideas in our mission and the role our talents play in achieving it. These ideals have helped us to do great things in the past. As a focused aluminium company, they will help us accomplish even more in the future. All that is asked of each of us is to be conscious of them and live up to them every day. By doing so, we will be ready for the challenges and opportunities we meet.
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Street:Estrada de S.Marcos, 23 Telephone:210412500
PostCode:2735-521 Fax: 210412528
City:Cacém Website:www.hydro.com


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