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The Association was born in 1931 with the designation of the Commercial Association of Droguistas South of Portugal. After several changes of nomenclature in 1975 was considered a major change, having been constituted as employers' association whose name has become Groquifar - Wholesalers Association Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals. In 1980 the scope was extended to the Groquifar throughout the country including the Azores and Madeira, which gave him greater representation. In 2004 we proceeded to a comprehensive statutory review, the Association equipping of new tools in order to expedite internally each sector as well, giving it a more effective externally. The bodies of Groquifar are: General Assembly Supervisory Board Directorate Tables of Divisions The Board consists of a Chairman, five Vice-Presidents, two members and five alternates. Each of the Vice Presidents in turn is the president of each of the five divisions. These include in its constitution with two vowels, with the assistance guaranteed by two Executive Secretaries. In its internal structure, the Groquifar includes five divisions representing the various activities of our framework: Pharmaceutical Division Agro-Chemical Division Veterinary division Chemicals Division Pest Control Division This associative structure completed on last May 20, 2009 seventy-eight years of existence, during which sought always to keep abreast of changes and developments occurring in the context of their activities.
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