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COBA is a multidisciplinary company of engineering and environmental consultants developing studies and designs and providing assistance, management and supervision services associated with the construction of undertakings in the field of water storage and use for hydropower generation, public drinking water supply and irrigation purposes, in the field of storm water drainage systems, sanitation and waste water treatment and in the field of road, railway and airway infrastructures and cartography and cadastre. Studies and projects are executed on a sustained and integrated way, allowing the feasibility of the undertakings through the execution of the required socio-economic and environmental studies, preparing the engineering studies and designs for the launching of the corresponding works and ensuring their management and control. During exploitation, through the monitoring and assessment of the undertakings behavior, gives assistance to Owners in the management of their maintenance. Nowadays, COBA is a major Portuguese company in engineering consultancy with activity in Portugal and in 35 foreign countries. COBA together with their subsidiaries employ over 400 people. In the last years, their turnover has been of above 30 million Euros. It is registered with the main international financing agencies, namely: The European Union; European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; World Bank; African Development Bank; Asian Development Bank and some agencies of the United Nations Organisation.
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Street:Av. 5 de Outubro, 323 Telephone:21 0125000;
PostCode:1649-011 Fax:21 7970348
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