Beltrão Coelho


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Beltrão Coelho
Beltrão Coelho
Beltrão Coelho has been present in the Portuguese business market for over 50 years. The growth of knowledge and techniques generated by all this experience translates into a huge amount of trust from our clients. We specialize in printing outsourcing and Managed Print Services, with integrated hardware and software solutions in the printing and document management areas. In 2010, Beltrão Coelho established solid bases with its main partner, Xerox. Beltrão Coelho is currently the main Xerox partner in Portugal. It holds an absolute record on purchases since 2011 and it steadily keeps a billing increase which currently represents over 7 million Euros per year.
Beltrão Coelho
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Street:Rua Sarmento Beires, 3A Telephone:+351 213 122 80
PostCode:1900-410 Lisboa Fax:+351 213 122 92
City:Lisbon Website:


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