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Established 30 years ago, we participate in the Environment convention in Frankfurt, Germany, every February. Each piece is unique, a combination of contemporary design and traditional skills, blending old and new, hand and machine, tradition and innovation. Today, the company's team of talented and experienced artists, designers and artisans continues to lead the way in contemporary ceramic art. We create new colors, shapes and unique designs. Our goal is to do our best to provide the best service to our customers. We are the ideal partner to help you carry out your project with daily monitoring and assistance. Over the years, Arfai & IGM has produced some of Europe's most prolific potters and it is our intention to continue this tradition. Brands ARFAI Products 6912 - crockery, other household articles, etc., ceramics, except porcelain 691200 - crockery, other household articles, etc., ceramics, except porcelain 6913 - Ceramic statuettes and other ornamental objects 691390 - Statuettes and other ornamental objects, not made of porcelain 6914 - Other ceramic articles 691490 - Other ceramic articles, excluding porcelain (heading 69141000) Markets Germany Austria Belgium Canada Cyprus Denmark Egypt Slovakia Slovenia Spain United States of America Estonia Finland France Greece Netherlands Hungary Republic of Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Poland United Kingdom Czech Republic Sweden
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