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The Portuguese Association of Environmental Technology, a non-profit, privately funded business association of the environmental sector, was formed in 1989 with the aim of supporting the business sector, and currently has about 130 business associates. The association is more representative of the domestic environment in membership, and aims to promote the development of associated companies, providing consulting services, specialized technical information, training and dissemination of availability and skills of members either at national or European level. The APEMETA attained the status of Public Utility Authority in 2006, issued by the Prime Minister, José Socrates. The APEMETA is recognized as ENGOs, Environmental Non Governmental Organization, registered in the APA - Portuguese Environment Agency and a member of EUCETSA - European Committee of Environmental Technology Suppliers Associations, which has an action in setting policy and legislative community also promotes competitiveness European companies for environmental technologies. The APEMETA concerns have increased its representation and increased recognition as a privileged agent of the corporate sector of the environment, acting to effect continuous improvement in the quality of their services in order to better serve the full satisfaction of the requirements, needs, demands and expectations of its customers (Members and non-Members) as well as in achieving the objectives of the Association. The APEMETA recognizes that quality is a key factor for increasing the representativeness and effectiveness of their intervention with the Associates, seeking further consolidation of the environmental sector.
Adress Contact
Street:Campo Grande, 294 - 2º Dto e 2º Esq. Telephone:21 750 6000
PostCode:1700-097 Fax:21 750 6009
City:Lisboa Website:http://www.apemeta.pt/edicoes/apemeta/default.asp?rev=30


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