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The APEA - Portuguese Association of Environmental Engineering is an association of private, nonprofit, with public utility status, which aims to contribute to the progress of Environmental Engineering. APEA currently has over 2400 members. The APEA has the following objectives as an association: Promoting cooperation and solidarity among its members, defending the interests of Environmental Engineers, particularly in the professional, social and cultural; Promote recognition and disclosure of Environmental Engineering in its technical characteristics and specific scientific and promote, at the national level, the advancement of learning and development of Environmental Engineering and its teaching; Contribute to structuring Career Engineer Environment; Develop exchanges with similar associations, domestic and foreign, and for this purpose to join unions and international federations.
Adress Contact
Street:Av. Infante Santo, 32 3ºA Telephone:21.395.5805
PostCode:1350-179 Fax:
City:Lisboa Website:http://www.apea.pt


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