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The Aleluia Cerâmicas SA results from the integration by merger, in 2006, of several companies holding some of the top ceramics brands. It's the most relevant company in a sector where none of its competitors has such a broad product range: white paste ceramic pavements and coatings, porcelain and extruded porcelain, tiles and even traditional porcelain decorated through digital printing process. The result is a diverse range of solutions covering all possible needs, from the boldest decorative demands to the most demanding antacid technical industrial pavements. Its portfolio includes a set of 3 brands consisting of Ceramic, Keratec and Viúva Lamego Each brand has very specific features and caters to different expectations and needs. "Innovation, Quality and Design" are the values associated with its products, providing innovative aesthetic solutions that adapt to many different lifestyles. In 2012, Aleluia Cerâmicas joind the Prébuild Group. Brands ALELUIA APOLO CERAMIC KERATEC MY TILE VIÚVA LAMEGO Products 6907 - tiles and slabs for flooring or lining, cubes, pellets, etc. 690790 - Other ceramic tiles and slabs, cubes and pellets, excluding heading 690710 6908 - tiles and slabs for flooring / cladding, glazed / enameled products; cubes 690890 - Other tiles and slabs, other cubes and pellets, both excluding heading 690810 6914 - Other ceramic articles 691490 - Other ceramic articles, excluding porcelain (heading 69141000) Markets Germany Angola Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Cape Verde Canada Cyprus South Korea Denmark United Arab Emirates Spain United States of America Estonia Finland France Greece Guinea-Bissau Netherlands Hungary India Republic of Ireland Israel Italy Japan Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Morocco Mexico Mozambique Norway Qatar United Kingdom Czech Republic Dominican Republic Romania Russia Senegal Sweden Switzerland Ukraine
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