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The AHP is a century-old association that focuses its action and future of their business associates, innovation, knowledge and the market. Hotels represent the best of what is made in Portugal, for the innovation, for their class, for the service excellence of its professionals, but also by having representation in today's contribution to the national economy. In over 100 years of life, AHP has had the responsibility of being the reflection of the sector, dignifying all hospitality associations in Portugal. We are an association for all: large and small units. The small hotels can find in AHP the support of a structure that allows them to gain scale and have access to advantages in trade negotiations and services that would be unaffordable for a small business. The AHP serves all its associates as a platform for sharing nation-wide knowledge and expertise, next to the big decision centers. The AHP is a growing association and currently has nearly 500 members who, between large and small units, represent more than 60% of the hotel industry's contribution to the national economy. It is our ambition to increasingly involve all hotels in Portugal and represent them with one voice of strength, credibility and rigor. The AHP provides its associates a set of services and partnerships in various areas relevant to the hotel managers and their tourism developments, with the aim of supporting the management and better decision-making in areas critical to their business. All these services are provided by the AHP free for members, and are backed by highly skilled and experienced collaborators in each of their areas. All this monitoring has also been essential to advise and warn Associates over time for a number of issues with impact for business, such as: changes in legislation, obligations to fulfill to avoid penalties, business opportunities and changes in their relevant and surrounding sector.
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Street:Avª Duque de Ávila, Nº 75, 1º Piso Telephone:+351 213 512 36
PostCode:1000-139 Lisboa Fax: +351 213 570 4
City:Lisboa Website:http://www.hoteis-portugal.pt/


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